Pablo Larrain Receives The Artistic Acheivement Award At The Chicago International Film Festival


DSCN6964Pablo Larrain the Director of Jackie is honored at The Chicago International Film Festival receiving The Artistic Achievement Award.  I spoke to Pablo about The Costume Design on Jackie.  Here is what Pablo Larrain had to say.  The Costume Design in Jackie is by a Fantastic Costume Designer called Madeleine Fontaine.  Madeline Fontaine had a wonderful ambition on how to portray the sophistication the elegance that was needed through the proper materials she had access to, but also to create an emotional extension on what was on the character through the costume.  This is what is hard on costume design.  It feels as if it is only an esthetic tool and it is much more then that elaborating on esthetic approach that has a lot of emotional meaning especially  on someone like Jackie where the combination of softness and beauty has always been attractive. Jackie has all those elements. Jackie will be out in Theatres soon.

JACKIE image