Lisa Shore On Red Carpet Looks





Lisa Shor gave a class on Red Carpet Looks, and what is best for who.  Lisa Shor is the director of makeup education for The Art Institute Of Makeup . Lisa is also a licensed esthetics educator, and member of the editorial team at New Age Spa Institute. Lisa says that Flawless skin for photo events begins with smooth texture, bright complexion, and hydrated skin.  This provides a prime canvas to create glowing makeup looks that will enhance your natural beauty.  Lisa tells us that long wearing foundation is great for oily skin however it does not photograph well, and sometimes it can be too drying for combo skin.  Long wearing Foundation is not suitable for dry skin.  Lisa gave us an insider guide that you can use strobe cream any area that you want to pop out to make a nice photo with flash photography.  One trend Lisa is seeing, and creates currently is that Liquid metallic looking lip. Lisa shows us that to get this look first you can use a matte liquid lipstick with long wearing lip liner if you don’t have too dry lips.  The next step is to take a sticky lip gloss, and mix it with a little loose metallic pigment.  To complete the look apply this on the top of the matte liquid lipstick. Lisa really likes adding the loose metallic pigment on the lips, because she said it will make the lip color last longer.  These are just a few makeup teachings of Lisa Shore.


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