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Janel Luu of Le Mieux Cosmetics, Inc.  made an appearance to teach at Face & Body Spa Conference & Expo Midwest.  Janel highlighted on techniques of The Fascia Firming Facial.  This is an Asian Facial that starts from the scalp, and works with areas in the front using a jade Stone. The Jade Stone has been used over 3,000 years for medical purposes in Asia, and is still being used today.  Janel teaches how to condition to keep skin in the best tone.  Russian & Ukraine are fanatics about what Janel is teaching.  Janel’s Team works close with the entire Ballerina Team in Korea using Le Miex Beauty. Le Miex means The Best. In addition to LeMieux Cosmetics which is used in Hollywood Janel also has Pur Erb Exotic Voyage Herbology- based Skincare & Aromatherapy.   One  of  my favorites from Janel  are The Le Mieux  OMG Beauty  Bio Cell + Mask which has been featured in Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, New Beauty Magazine, InStyle, People, Bell New York City, and now here on Progress For Poland. This mask is perfect I mean totally totally perfection feel before any makeup application. Makeup Artists are calling this The Miracle Mask. You will get the best feel good vibrant glow.  I also really am enjoying The Pur Erb Exotic herbology-based aromatherapy and skincare  Serenity Calming Facial Balm.  This balm has the most beautiful unique light scent with Bulgarian Rose Flower Oil, Lavender, Frakincense, Rosewood & more.  This balm is not to heavy, and leaves you with the most soft comforting feel of Beauty. You can use this balm on the hands & feet also. To purchase go to Lemiexcosmetics.com   or    www.purerbskincare.com


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