Interview With Filmaker Deborah Riley Draper at The Chicago International Film Festival


Deborah Riley Draper - Deborah-Riley-Draper-headshot-1 (1) I was able to get a couple of moments to interview Filmmaker of Olympic Pride, American Prejudice Deborah Riley Draper at The Chicago International Film Festival. Deborah had always been into sports since her growing up years. 

Deborah would run track and field, kick box, jump rope, and play ball.  Being the achiever Deborah is she went on to attend The Florida State University.  Upon Deborah’s journalism Deborah had heard about the first of The African Americans Olympians.  Deborah knew there had to be more of The African American Olympians.  Deborah’s dedication of interest in this story led her to find that there were more African American Olympians during this time. 


Deborah was in disbelief that these African American Olympians had disappeared in History and knew she had to make Olympic Pride, American Prejudice for all to see The Contributions of African Americans in The Historic Chronicles.  Olympic Pride, American Prejudice is The Academics growing worldwide.  The Families of these Olympians were recently given awards by The President at The White House. These families were so surprised, and shocked crying after all these years. Deborah is so proud to be the one to have these families receive the proper honoring.  Deborah is building The Educational Curriculum, and there will be a book out next month. Deborah is working on getting a ceremony in Germany & Berlin while having this open to The Broader Context Internationally. We are going to hear much more about Olympic Pride, American Prejudice with Filmmaker Deborah Riley making Progression.