Demonstration to Protect Democracy in Warsaw, Poland


manifstacjaCommittee for the Protection of Democracy supports Constitutional Court

Warsaw, Poland

On Thursday, December 3, the Committee for the Protection of Democracy (KOD)  will picket in front of the Constitutional Court office in Warsaw during the Court session. This peaceful demonstration intends to express support to the Judges of the Court so they would not give in to the political pressure and return their verdict in accordance with the Polish Constitution.

“We are coming out of Facebook – under the Polish flag –  to show that we are determined to protect freedom, democracy and law and order in Poland” – says  Mateusz Kijowski, the founder of this grassroots social movement. In the past two weeks KOD, founded as a Facebook group, has attracted around forty thousand people who sympathize with its goal of protecting democracy.

„We want to demonstrate our support to the Judges of the Court and their judiciary independence” – says Kijowski.

This first protest of the Committee on the streets of Warsaw shows that KOD exists not only on Facebook but also in the real world. KOD has emerged as a spontaneous social movement;  it has no relationship with any political party and it does not oppose any. Its goal is to defend democracy, civic liberties and object to any attempts of breaching the Constitution. KOD chose only a peaceful, non-violent and non-aggressive means of protests, acting with respect of the law and in the limits of law.

Foto: Jarek Marciniak, facebook.
Foto: Jarek Marciniak, facebook.

The Committee for the Protection of Democracy – is a social initiative inspired by an article by Krzysztof Łoziński – a writer and a journalist, an activist of the anti-communist opposition before 1989. His article led Mateusz Kijowski, a software programmer and a social activist, to found a Facebook group and name it the Committee for the Protection of Democracy. In three days the group gathered over thirty thousand internet users.

In the manifesto available on its website, KOD invites everyone who cherish democratic values, regardless of political attitudes and religious beliefs.



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