Bach Flower Remedies With Trish Green At Face And Body Spa Conference And Expo Midwest




Trish Green gave an enlighten class on Bach Flower Remedies for Practitioner Self Care at Face & Body Spa Conference & Expo.  Trish Green is a doctor of Homeopathy Clinical Aromatherapy, and CIDESCO diplomat. Trish is currently heads up operations for Eve Taylor North America.  Trish advocates that Bach Flower Remedies are the perfect stress management system. Trish explains that there are 38 remedies for 38 negative states of mind.  Trish has joy of providing knowledge that Bach Flowers  are prepared from non-toxic flowers as homeopathic remedies, they do not interfere with other medications, are non addictive, safe for all age groups,  can’t be over dosed, and have no side effects.  Trish‘s teachings include that you are what you eat, you are what you inherit, and you are what you experience.  Some remedies Trish lists are Clematis:  For daydream, lack of focus. Honeysuckle: For Dwelling in the past. Wildrose:  For Apathetic.  Olive: For Exhaustion. White Chestnut: For recurring mental arguments. Mustard: For deep gloom for no reason. Chestnut Bud: Fail to learn from past mistakes.  Trish has an upcoming class in Chicago on March 9th. You should enroll by Feb. 15th.  Go to  or call 1-800-461-3745.





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